6-9 months

Research, Design


The OpsBuyer mobile application provides up-to-date property spending information and allows you to make approvals for orders and invoices in the OpsTechnology system right from an Android or iOS phone. 




  • OpsBuyer is one of the more popular desktop apps. 
  • The product owner believed that the phone app should mirror the Desktop site completely, with full functionality.
  • MVP of product changed to only the ability to approve orders and invoices within the OpsTechnology ecosystem. 


Property Management Companies (PMCs) are the sole users of this app. Desktop users comprise approximately 98% of all users of this application.


Design Process

We kicked off with a reskinned version of approximately 32 screens, which had been created by a different team that had subsequently folded. However, the product began to suffer from scope creep and quickly evolved into a full-scale version of the desktop application. Despite the supporting data we received from users that applications tend to scale down their offerings for mobile apps, we proceeded forward with this effort.

Desktop version of OpsBuyer

Desktop version of OpsBuyer


Several rounds of testing occurred during the duration of this project. I truly believe that it is always beneficial and is in the best interests of the user and our company to speak to actual users. It's imperative that we observe how they use the product and how they would envision the product––even using rough cut pieces of paper, rough sketches or low-fidelity wireframes.


I needed to be a staunch advocate for the user with this project.


Interface Design

I'm very keen on designing software which is responsive. Utilizing the latest in Material Design and along with an extremely talented roster of mobile developers, we ended up creating a beautiful product, albeit not as functional as the product owner would have liked.



Downloads have gone from 3 to 500+ in the Google Play store in just over a year. Hopefully, future enhancements will be in line to provide the user with more better functionality.