Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

When I was young and thought I was very clever, I would spend a considerable amount of time thinking up cool names for projects––my favorite being "Bad/Gas."

This was a project for an Information Design class I took many moons ago. The premise was to create a data visualization of *something,* but to add an unique angle to it. Being a foodie, I predictably turned to food. I wracked my brain for a few days, trying to think... How can I show a correlation between automobiles and obesity in a different way?

There were the obvious inspirational images from Erwin Wurm's Fat Cars (2008) or the 5lb simulated fat that you could purchase online.  I turned to data to try and have data drive my design.

The data led me to think... Thousands of gallons of gas are consumed each day by individuals who suffer from morbid obesity––those who do not exercising, yet driving. So I created an installation showing the rate of obesity in the United States, but also the number of gallons of gas which can be attributed to obesity.